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Bestobell Cryogenic Valves


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LNG Land Based

Through talking to customers and being involved in projects from conception to commissioning (and subsequent servicing) Bestobell understand how and where the valves that we make are to be used. We believe it is only through an in-depth understanding of the application that we can optimise the design of our valves for what customers really want.

Most of Bestobell’s cryogenic valve range can be used in LNG applications, however, where safety is paramount, we would recommend our “Firesafe” stainless steel valve range.

LNG Regasification Terminals
A wide range of globe and check valves is required in these installations, from DN15 sampling and purging valves to DN300 throttling valves for controlling tank filling.

LNG satellite stations
For customers who require fire-safe valves in these installations, the Bestobell LNG range of globe and check valves are suitable. Where fire safe design is not a requirement, then the Bestobell Valves range is suitable.

LNG Liquefaction Terminals
The Bestobell LNG range of fire-safe control globe, manual globe and check valves are suitable for use in LNG liquefaction terminals.

LNG Storage and Transport
In much the same way as industrial gases are transported and stored, so is LNG. For added security, Bestobell’s firesafe valves can be used.

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