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Bestobell Cryogenic Valves


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LNG Marine

Through talking to customers, visiting projects and sailing on LNG Carriers, FSRUs, and FPSOs, Bestobell go to great lengths to understand how and where the valves that we make are to be used. We believe it is only through an in-depth understanding of the application that we can optimise the design of our valves for what customers really want.

Bestobell now offer the complete range of cryogenic valves required on a conventional membrane or Moss Sphere design LNG cargo carrier. The valves are as follows;

  • Miniature Needle Globe Valves for sampling and purging lines
  • The unique patented Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV) that isolates the secondary float level gauge mounted on the top of each tank (replacing the horizontally mounted cryogenic gate valve that was traditionally used)
  • The cryogenic hydraulic motor driven throttling valves for controlling the flow of LNG during loading and unloading
  • The complete range of on/off globe, lift check and swing check valves used in the LNG distribution pipework

Bestobell LNG have already supplied numerous valves to, or have orders from, all the major shipyards building LNG Carriers for the major LNG projects around the world.


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