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We have global experience and knowledge across a range of industry sectors and have a thorough understanding of international markets.


Bestobell produce a range of cryogenic valves ideally suited to use on cryogenic trailers. As a result many of the world’s largest cryogenic trailer builders specify Bestobell.
The development of our bolted bonnet range of products for the globe and gate valves has enabled the mounting and servicing of trailers to be carried out rapidly and efficiently, without the difficulties normally encountered when working in enclosed environments. The development of a new standard stem using a re-designed gland packing assembly removes any leakage issues, and also reduces the operating torque to open and close valves.

• Stainless Steel Globe Valves: A vast range of high performance globe valves are available from Bestobell, in either bolted or union bonnet forms. The customer is able to choose from a variety options including cone or flat seat, bronze or stainless steel, and a variety of end fittings. All globe valves feature Bestobell’s unique headworks design for smooth operation, reduced closing torque and extended leak-free life. Extended spindle valves are available for cryogenic liquid service, along with standard spindle lengths for use on ambient gas requirements. All materials used are selected for their suitability to function at cryogenic temperatures. All valves are degreased for oxygen duty.
• Stainless Steel Gate Valves: Both manual and actuated design. The seat sealing ring is removable and lifts out with the headwork allowing the system to be flushed out when commissioning, therefore debris/metal particles do not damage the seat face in the body. This design eliminates the risk of ever needing to cut out the body from a pipeline once it has been welded in place.
• Relief Valves: Stainless steel relief valves available in size DN 15, operating over -200°C to +65°C. TUV approved as standard.
• Thermal Relief Valves: A compact stainless steel relief valve designed to prevent damage to piping and equipment caused by the expansion of liquefied gases.
• Ball Valves: A range of three-piece ball valves designed specifically for cryogenic operation.


Bestobell Valves manufacture a range of valve technologies that are used globally by gas producers and tank manufacturers, on cryogenic static storage tanks. In today’s market place there are many storage solutions available to users of cryogenic gases, the tank type used is dependant on the gas application, media required, and volumes.

• Fill Valve Assemblies this unique fill valve assemblies incorporate cryogenic bottom fill functions into one unit.
• Safety Relief Valves specifically designed for use on industrial gas systems from low pressures up to 450psig (32 barg) as standard.
• Cryoreg provides all of the pressure regulation functions of any cryogenic storage tank.
• Bronze/Stainless steel globe valves the head design is interchangeable between the two products, and various spindle lengths are available for different tank designs.
• Divertor Assemblies allowing fast change over between relief valves, for essential maintenance.
• Ball Valves A range of three-piece ball valves designed specifically for cryogenic operation.
• Manifolds specific bespoke manifold solutions for various tank types.


Pure gases can be generated from air by low temperature rectification in air separation plants. Using air as a raw material it is possible to obtain its raw components, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon in a pure state. Bestobell Valve technology is used extensively in separation facilities and in the on-site storage used to contain the gases generated as part of these processes.

Pure gases can be generated from air by low temperature rectification in air separation plants. Using air as a raw material it is possible to obtain its raw components, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon in a pure state.

In the air separation process, the air is cleaned, compressed and pre-cooled, then fed through separation columns, where it is split into its separate components at various cryogenic temperatures. The individual components of air evaporate at different temperatures this enables them to be separated into their individual forms in a gaseous or liquid state.

The generation of pure gases such as oxygen and nitrogen though this method is extremely effective and via a range of industrial processes these gases are returned to the environment after use.

The gases produced through the air separation technique enable many industrial processes that we have previously used air to by run more efficiently This would include industrial combustion processes where pure oxygen is now used, the pure oxygen offers a higher energy yield, more effective heating, and reduces harmful pollutants such as dioxins.


Bestobell Valves supplies a range of products used in the defence sector, customers include the MOD, NATO, US and Commonwealth countries. These products are used in numerous military applications, from warships, submarines through to radar installations and weapons control systems. The Birflo range of valves is used specifically for flow control of water based media, using three main valve types, Straitfo, Constaflo and Truflo.

• Warships and auxiliary support vessels use the Birflo products to manage cooling systems for on-board electronics, enabling maintenance of specific flow rates, or alternatively providing warnings of insufficient or excessive flow.
• Noise suppression in submarines, this technology is used to reduce the noise profiles of many submarines, through management of on-board auxiliary systems for cooling electronics and sanitary systems.
• Radar systems, many land and marine based radar systems require in built cooling control systems, again Birflo has been used.
• Weapons control systems, a range of Birflo products, and integrated Birflo manifolds have been custom designed for military based weapons cooling systems.


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