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Bestobell Cryogenic Valves


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Stainless Steel Manifold Fill Assemblies DN25 & DN40

Stainless Steel

DN25 & DN40 (1” & 1½”) .

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The Bestobell cryogenic main fill valve manifold is specifically designed for cryogenic static storage tanks to replace the traditional gang of valves linked together with piping and a large amount of welding and brazing.

It is the joining together of four valves: top fill, bottom fill, check valve and drain valve. It is available in two sizes 25mm (1”) and 40mm (1 ½”).

The design makes it a simple valve to operate from the user perspective. Two styles are available both with short and long centres (See Table) the Manifold can be supplied with various inlet connections to suit customer requirements.

Located within the valve is a spring to close the check valve to prevent back wash of media at the end of the filling cycle. A drain valve is fitted to release any trapped media in the fill block. A warm-up leg is also included for the connection of a thermal relief valve.

The unit is supplied ready to be fitted to the tank, with pipe specifications supplied by the customer. All valves are degreased for oxygen duty, assembled in clean room conditions and pressure tested prior to dispatch.

Maximum Working Pressure (MWP)

(Subject to End Connections)
Up to 50 bar (725 psi) at -196°C to +65°C (extended spindle)


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