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Thermal Relief Valve DN6 - DN15


DN6 – DN15 (¼” – ½”)

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A compact cryogenic relief valve designed to prevent damage to piping and equipment caused by the expansion of liquefied gases.

When liquefied gases are trapped between two closed valves (a situation known as liquid lock) the reheating and consequent boiling can lead to a dangerous rise in pressure.

The Bestobell Thermal Relief Valve has been designed with this application specifically in mind using materials which are particularly suited to this purpose. One major benefit of this is that the valve will not stick in its seat even when left unused for long periods of time. The valve also reseats correctly after venting off the expanding fluid, thus preventing the waste of expensive
cryogenic gases. It is available with a variety of outlet connections to suit the customers’ requirements.

All valves are tested, locked to prevent unauthorised tampering, stamped with a date, specification and serial number prior to sealing in polythene bags.

All valves are degreased for oxygen duty, assembled in clean room conditions and pressure tested prior to dispatch.

Maximum Working Pressure (MWP)

(Subject to End Connections)
Up to 40 bar (580 psi) at -200°C to +150°C


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