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Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV) DN200-DN300

DN200 & DN300 (8” & 12”)

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The Bestobell FLIV valve has been bespoke designed to work in conjunction with Whessoe or Henri secondary float level measurement systems, providing secure isolation of the float from the cargo tank. The FLIV eliminates the problems faced with gate valves of accidental cutting of the float tape that results in both tape and float falling back into the cargo tank.

Should the valve be accidentally closed before the float is fully re-wound, then the closing action of FLIV will result in the tape being trapped on the side of the valve disc rather than being cut, preventing the tape and float from falling back into the cargo tank.

The FLIV is operated by a quarter turn gearbox that has a clear open / shut indicator enabling quick and easy checks on the position of the valve disc. The gearbox is also fitted with ‘padlock flanges’ so that the valve can be locked to preventing unauthorized operation.

The compact design of the FLIV means that a single operative can operate both the valve and the level gauge with ease.
An integral inspection chamber is incorporated in the valve design for the inspection and / or replacement if the float, thus eliminating the need for a separate fabricated component.

Maximum Working Pressure

Maximum Rated Pressure: 10 Bar
Maximum Operating Pressure: 1 Bar
Temperature Range: -196°C to + 80°C


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