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Bestobell Cryogenic Valves


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Cryogenic Hydraulically Actuated Globe Valve DN25-DN350

Hydraulically Actuated

DN25 - DN350 (1" – 14")

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The Bestobell range of Stainless Steel, extended globe valves have been designed to eliminate leakages, maximize lifetime operation and reduce maintenance and spares cost for ship operators, whilst providing full compliance with Class requirements.

The range is available with either butt weld or flanged options and utilizes Bestobell’s unique independent bonnet and flange design, eliminating leakage through the flange gasket. Coupled with a three stage packing at the top of the stem, Bestobell globe valves are leak free to atmosphere.

The all metal seat of the valves are designed to provide a tight, leak free shut off against the valve disc and allow compliance with fire safe requirements for LNGC applications. Nitronic steel, also Aluminum-Bronze, bushings provide smooth operation without galling problems.

The valves can be operated by either a linear or multi-turn hydraulic actuator, and both types are used for throttling and on/off applications. Position control is provide either by a potentiometer or with a torque switch, and On-Off actuation is controlled by limit switches.

Maximum Working Pressure

Working Pressure Up to: 50 bar (725 psi)
Temperature Range: -196°C to + 80°C


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