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Stainless Steel

DN6 & DN20 (¼” & ¾”)

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The ASPRO (Automatic Sensing Pressure Reversing Obturator) is a concept that addresses the issue of back contamination from high-pressure carbon dioxide cylinders removing the opportunity for gas contamination. This is a particular problem in the food and beverage industry, where on numerous occasions, contamination has occurred leading to product recalls and brand damage.

There are also a growing number of applications in pharmaceutical production and clean process used in industrial production.

The ASPRO was developed for the prevention of back contamination of CO2 from a high-pressure cylinder, or dewer to the main flow stream, preventing back flow pressures up to 3600psi (250bar), in accordance with recommendations requested by EIGA and BCGA.

Maximum Working Pressure (MWP)

(Subject to End Connections)
DN6 – 110bar (1600 psi)
DN20 – 207bar (3000 psi)
Temperature range -20°C to +65°C


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