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Constaflo DN6 - DN50


DN6 – DN50 (¼” – 2”)

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The Constaflo is a simple water flow controller using a patented device that ensures the maintaining of flow rates with ±10% of its rated capacity when operating within the limits of temperature and pressure specified in the ‘Maximum Working Pressure’ section.

Maximum Working Pressure (MWP)

Max. Working Pressure: 200psi (14kg/cm ²)
Max. Working Temperature: 65 °C
Min. Working Temperature: 1 °C
Max. Pressure Difference: 200psi (14kg/cm ²)
Min. Pressure Difference: 15psi (1.06kg/cm ²)
Accuracy ±10% when operating in the range 15 to 200psi (1.06 to 14kg/cm²) pressure difference


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