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Flow Diverter Ball Valve DN20 - DN50


DN20 - DN50 (¾” – 2”)

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It is essential that a cryogenic liquid storage vessel is always protected by a relief valve. If only one relief valve was fitted to the vessel it would be impossible to disconnect for routine maintenance or checking of lifting pressures without prejudicing the safety of the vessel.

For this reason, all cryogenic storage tanks require two relief valves to be connected to the tank via a flow diverter valve. This allows one relief valve to remain connected to the vessel while the other undergoes maintenance.

The Bestobell flow diverter is a quarter turn ball valve design allowing for fast changeover between relief valves. It is available in a very wide range of configurations to suit the customer’s requirements. The valve comprises three main components: the centre body incorporating the inlet port, ball and operating lever, and the two end adaptors incorporating the various outlet ports. It is available in four basic sizes (DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN50) determined by the diameter of the flow passages through the ball.

This valve is usually at the hub of a fairly complex piping system and many variations on the basic design have evolved to suit customers’ specific requirements. An outline of the various options is given below for simplicity; the centre body is described separately from the end flanges.

All valves are degreased for oxygen duty, assembled in clean room conditions, and sealed in robust polythene bags prior to dispatch.

Maximum Working Pressure (MWP)

(Subject to End Connections)
Up to 50 bar (725psi) at -196ºc to +65ºc


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