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Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV)

An example of Bestobell LNG's approach to developing products through a thorough understanding of applications in action has been the development of the Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV).

Through conversations with customers, service visits and then time spent sailing on an LNGC to witness a full loading and unloading cycle, we identified a serious concern amongst LNGC operators with regards to the cryogenic gate valve that was being mounted horizontally to isolate the secondary float level gauge that is mounted on the top of each tank. We then discussed our design ideas with the leading secondary float level gauge manufacturer, Whessoe Automation.

From this series of meetings and discussions, the FLIV evolved into what it is today - a unique product purpose-designed for the isolation of the secondary float level gauge on LNGC's that has quickly become the preferred solution of ship-owners and shipyards. The FLIV is now fitted as standard to most new build LNG carriers having replaced the gate valve.

Now the FLIV can also be retrofitted to existing LNG Carriers including GT96, MKIII and CS1 type membrane and Moss Type.

Pressure rating

Class 150

Size range

DN200 - DN300
8" - 12"

Enc connections



Specifically designed for use with the secondary float level gauge (shown in picture) on LNG Cargo Carriers


Austenitic stainless steel PTFE seal, graphite packing's

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