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Bestobell Marine secures second Gotland vessel

Bestobell Marine has secured an order for globe and check valves that will be used in the fuel gas system on the second Gotland ferry that has been ordered at Guangzhou International shipyard in China. Bestobell Marine also secured the order for the first vessel. The ferries are to be built for Swedish owner Rederi AB Gotland and when delivered, will sail between the Swedish mainland and the island of Gotland. By operating on LNG, the ferry will make significant reductions in its emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2 and particulates, allowing the vessel to comply with the latest IMO Tier III regulations. Bestobell is committed to promoting the use of LNG as a fuel because of its “clean burn” properties that can help reduce the amount of harmful emissions and carbon dioxide a ships engine produces.

Duncan Gaskin, Sales Director for Bestobell Marine states” China is where we are focusing a lot of effort with our local partner Healthlead Ltd, to ensure we are seen as the number one supplier for marine grade cryogenic globe valves, both for LNGC cargo valves and LNG fuel system valves.

8 October 2015

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