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Another Fuel Gas System first for Bestobell Marine

Bestobell Marine, a world leading supplier of cryogenic globe and check valves for ships has received its first order to supply fuel gas valves for new build tankers. The vessels in question are two 15,000-dwt ice-class 1A asphalt and bitumen tankers , which have been ordered by Groupe Desgagnés of Canada and will be built at Besiktas shipyard in Turkey. The ships will be equipped with dual-fuel engines allowing them to operate on LNG and fuel oil, and will have 600 cbm gas storage tanks on the decks.. The vessels will then serve the Great Lakes and Canada’s St. Lawrence River.

Because of the low winter temperatures in Canada the valves have to be specified to operate in -40 Deg cent. This not a problem for Bestobell’s cryogenic valves that are designed to operate to temperatures as low -196 Deg cent. However the actuators use to provide remote operation, have had to have special “winterization” components fitted to ensure they still operate without any issue. Bestobell already has experience of supplying cryogenic valves for extreme winter conditions and are supplying cargo handling valves for the Yamal series of LNG carriers being at DSME shipyard in South Korea. The valves on the deck of those vessels will have to stand winter temperatures as low as -54 Deg cent as well as excessive build-up of ice.

Bestobell Marine has taken orders for its cryogenic globe valves, for over thirty LNG fuel gas projects so far, including the high profile Harvey Gulf offshore vessels being built at Trinity Shipyard, Louisiana. These ships are the first LNG fueled vessels to be built in America. Bestobell Marine provides full firesafe valves based on a proven design that has been used by Bestobell for over a decade for LNG ship applications. Bestobell Marine valves are fitted in the tank room space between the LNG fuel tank and the engine, and are critical part of the piping system that feeds the LNG fuel to the vapourisers. The vapourisers convert the LNG back to gas.

Bestobell Marine cryogenic valves have been used in a majority of low pressure fuel gas systems over the past three years and the company is committed to promoting the use of LNG as a fuel to help owners reduce costs and reduce emissions of CO2, NO and SO2. Bestobell also has a brand new range of high pressure globe valves that are fitted in fuel gas systems for MAN ME-GI engines where natural gas is injected into the engine at over 300bar pressure. MAN have sold over one hundred of these type of engines in the past two years and this is driving a rapid increase in demand for high pressure cryogenic valves for these fuel gas systems. Bestobell Marine is playing a major role in meeting the challenge created by this demand with its new range of high pressure valves.

8 October 2015

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