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Environmental Standard secured!

Our parent company; PEGL are celebrating securing ISO14001, the environmental management standard, which represents its commitment to environmental good practice.

Achievement of the ISO14001 standard demonstrates that PEGL is clearly focused on reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint through careful use of resources and increasing its recycling activities.

Mark Henley, Managing Director of President Engineering Group, said: “As a major manufacturer, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and so are delighted to have secured the ISO14001 environmental standard. Throughout our business we are committed to reducing energy use and carrying out recycling activities in the interests of the local community and the environment in which we operate. We look forward to continuing to see the operational and environmental benefits this will bring.”

PEGL has committed to reducing the use of electricity in its offices and factory by 10 per cent. This has recently included upgrading the lighting to new green energy lighting in its manufacturing facility, resulting in significant reductions in energy use and running costs. It is also dedicated to reductions in the use of gas for heating, water in its factory and offices and oil in its production process.

The company is also carrying out recycling activities throughout its factory and offices in line with ISO14001’s Duty of Care, which includes careful segregation and storage of waste.

Mark Henley adds: “In many of the markets in which we operate, such as marine and mining, environmental considerations are key, so this clearly demonstrate how seriously we take our environmental responsibilities.”

2 July 2014

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